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Pressing Prayer Requests

Hello Prayer partners,

A couple weeks ago we were coming home from an errand and our vehicle was struck by a neighbor straightening out while trying to back into his driveway. He pulled forward into us as we passed. We thought this would be a simple process with the insurance because he had full coverage and he was clearly at fault.

However, that has not been the case.

He lied and the adjuster on his end claimed we were liable based on the testimony of the other driver despite our photos and the placement and nature of the damage to our car.

It’s been a really hard and frustrating battle trying to get our car repaired and for the insurance to handle the situation fairly.

Also a couple weeks ago I (Jess) was informed that the role of daycare manager was eliminated do to changes in administration. There isn’t any wiggle room within this decision so I am starting from the beginning in my search for a role I will fill upon our arrival to PNG. This is extremely discouraging as I have been preparing for this role for over a year and feel very passionate about supporting mothers of young children as they readjust to their lives and return to their jobs on the Center. But the decision has been made and we are beginning the journey of finding a need on Center that aligns with my passions and skills.

This along with other things that we’ve been faced with this month have caused us to realize that this is more than a physical battle with insurance and administration, but is a spiritual battle that the enemy is using to try to discourage, weaken, and defeat us.

While we would appreciate prayers today for a positive response from the insurance companies and the department I’ve inquired within —we more specifically ask for prayers for protection from the enemies lies, for us to find the joy in the midst of these attacks, and for us to grow in our love and faith in Jesus in the midst of the trials. We also pray for good attitudes, and godly responses to disappointment—it’s easy in the midst of frustration and emotional exhaustion to respond with the wrong attitudes and actions. We also want to ask for prayer for Sam as he undergoes some medical testing this week. We would love answers and simple (&affordable) solutions.

We can’t just continue to “press through” these things with pure perseverance. It’s too mentally and emotionally exhausting—we recognize the need for God to fight on our behalf. Please pray with us that we let Jesus fight our battles rather than trying to fight them ourselves and that He is glorified through the outcome.

Thanks for interceding with and for us.

Jess and Sam


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