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Why Wycliffe?

What if you couldn't understand the Scriptures in the language you understand best?

Bible Translation

Wycliffe's Mission
To see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025.
Wycliffe's Vision
To see God’s Word made accessible to all people in the language of their hearts.

The reality is there are approx. 7000 languages in the world.  Over 2200 language groups do not even have a translation project started, that’s millions of people that do not have a single verse or even a word of Scripture in their language. 

We wanted to play our part in getting Bibles to people who do not have access to Scripture in a language that they can fully understand.

Wycliffe Bible Translators allows us to use our unique passions and skills to join in the effort of Bible Translation, giving scripture access to millions of people.

Goroka Show 2019
Goroka Show 2019
Goroka Show 2019
Goroka Show 2019
A Walk to the Garden
A break for some sugarcane
Village women making string bags
Jess & Sam Goroka Show 2019
Making String Bags
Working hard
Preparing dinner
Sam on a village hike
Our Friends
Village Farewells
Goroka Show 2019
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glimpse of impact

Gambarambe: Smoke the Gospel

 A man in Zimbabwe named Gambarambi (Gahm-ba-rom-bee) would sit by the side of the road talking with people and smoking his hand-rolled cigarettes. A Bible translator who was translating the New Testament into Gambarambi’s language and he really wanted Gamabarmbi to have a New Testament. When he told Gambarambi this, Gambarambi told him that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea as he would tear the pages out and use them for his cigarettes.

The translator was in a quandary as to what he should do as he knew that Gambarambi needed to read about Jesus but he didn’t relish the thought of the New Testament being used for cigarette paper. He prayed about it and came up with an agreement for Gambarambi.

The translator told Gambarambi that he would give him a New Testament and Gambarambi could use the pages for cigarette paper, BUT he needed to read the pages first, before using them for cigarette paper! Sensing a good source of cigarette paper Gambarambi agreed.

Fifteen years later the scene is at a United Bible Society meeting in Zimbabwe, and up on the stage is Gambarambi. As he looked over the audience, he spotted the translator who had made the agreement with him fifteen years earlier. Gambarambi got up and told the audience about the agreement he had made with the translator.

He said, “I smoked Matthew, I smoked Mark, I smoked Luke, and I smoked John - until I got to John 3:16, and then I could smoke no more!”

Now, instead of smoking the Gospel, Gambarambi was preaching the Gospel.

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