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She's Here!

Dear friends and partners, We wanted to officially announce the arrival of our daughter

Karis Anne Nutter Born May 19 at 11:31pm

The name Karis is adapted from the New Testament Greek word χάρις/Charis which means grace. Ann[e] is a family name that runs deeply through Sam’s family on both his mother and father's side.

God’s grace has been so powerful and undeniable in our walks with the Lord and we pray Karis comes to know, love, and serve Him with her life. We are incredibly thankful that the Lord has entrusted her to us and pray that he is glorified as we lean on him as her parents (oh, and we know how much grace we are going to need as we figure out this parenthood thing). Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Sam, Jess, & Karis Nutter


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